How to get your doll ready for a trip!

Hey guys it’s Everythihglover and today I will be showing how to get your doll ready for a trip!! Part 1

First you are going to need a doll with straight hair because a doll with curly hair will be harder to handle. By the way the doll that I chose was Grace!!

Then your take off the dolls clothing because your are going to put your doll in a more comfortable outfit to wear when she is on the plane or road trip. 

Next you want to make sure your doll isn’t wearing and type of jewelry so that it won’t break or fall off during the trip.

Next you want to choose something long so that your doll won’t scratched while you are on the trip. And the clothing I chose was green leggings from Michaels and a flowered blue leggings that are from justice. 

Next you want to choose a long sleeved or short sleeved shirt for your doll. I chose short sleeved, but if you choose short sleeved shirts then make sure your doll is wearing a sweatshirt or jaket. I chose a white shirt with a girl ( left shirt) which is from Our Generation, and a pink flowered shirt (on the right) from American Girl Doll.

Next if you choose a short sleeved shirt then make sure your doll has a sweatshirt or jaket. I chose a shiny sweatshirt from Justice. And there’s the outfit that I chose!

Next you want to brush all the knots out of your doll’s hair.

And I would recommend to tie your doll’s hair in a braid or pony tail. And I decided to tie Grace’s hair in a pony tail.

After that I would recommend shoes that have laces on them. And make sure that the shoes cannot come off of your doll. I chose shoes with laces and they are brown, and  these are from Our Generation. 

This is what they look like on Grace!!!!!

And this is the final look!! 

( Sorry for the bad lighting and the blurrieness) 

~ Everythihglover­čĺÄ­čî║


My new OG doll

This is may new OG doll she has light freckles, and wonderful clothing.

She has a white, and black patterned shirt with a bow shaped knot. 

She has a polka doted skirt that is Navy dark blue I 

Now we have the ugg soft shoes, that are really comfortable. And sorry that i posted it the wrong way. 

Now we have these dark blue tights. And sorry that I posted it this way.

Now this is the whole outfit together. So what do you think and comment down below what should the doll’s name should be?

Bad news!!

Sorry if I dont post that much because i am so busy with school, but I will try to make a photoshoot, and lots of cool others ideas, but I might not post that much just to let you know.